About Our Finance Department


Let us help you finance the car that's right for you!


We have forty finance institutions available to help you get the lowest rate possible.

We have two simple ways to choose from:

1. Call us at (800) 950-6529


2. Fill out our online credit application>>>> Just Click Here





We have 100,000 miles with deductibles as low as $0

Maintenance plans

Maintenance plans give you the security of knowing that your vehicle is getting the proper maintenance when it needs it

Diesel care

Diesel Care Service Plans are designed to complement and enhance your 5yr/100,000 mile warranty.

· Diesel Care covers 13 components 7yr/200,000 miles

· Diesel Care Plus covers 21 components 7years/200,000 miles

These plans will optimize your vehicle's performance and help protect your investment, keeping you confident and on the road longer.

Call us at (800) 919-1420 to request further information.